Are you 100% confident that ALL your critical data could be recovered quickly should a disaster occur? Be certain with Capseda's Total Data Protection.

The information you create – and how you manage, control, and back up that information – is mission-critical to your business. And yet roughly 70% of businesses are still using a tape backup system or something comparable to protect their business.

The average failure rate of disk and tape backup systems over time is 100%! If you're backing up your data on site with a tape drive, you're flirting with disaster - the odds are not in your favor!

Capseda offers two data protection plans to fit the budget and needs of any business large or small:

Online Cloud Backup: For small businesses with no server or segmented datasets, Capseda offers an online "cloud-based" backup system. This provides a lower-cost solution with no hardware required, easy setup, and easy expansion, all while still offering a high level or reliability and security. All Capseda products are backed 24/7 by our award-winning support team.

Total Data Protection Plan: Capseda has created the only data protection plan that exclusively meets the needs of small businesses, and is backed by our commitment to Remarkable Service. Capseda's Total Data Protection™ Plan is a complete backup solution that includes local backup of servers and desktops, quick recovery business continuity capability and offsite replication in two secure data centers for disaster recovery; all monitored and supported 24/7 by our team of experienced engineers.

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What our customers say:

After having been a customer for several months, we grew our relationship with Capseda to include branch office support. Capseda engineers are knowledgeable and responsive. We trust their expertise to provide quality and cost effective IT support!

Andrew Gansky from BCS